Staying power is important! This is what makes Oil Gard Anti-Rust different from our competitors: Oil Gard receives many referrals from automotive shops, mechanics, and auto-body shops. They see Oil Gard Formula 2 No-Drip, or Oil Gard Classic products on their clients’ vehicles and are impressed by the staying power – despite Ontario’s mix of harsh weather and road conditions. We also receive calls from potential customers saying thinner-viscosity products applied by other Rust Protection companies don’t stand up well, and are no longer visible just a few weeks after application. The longevity of Oil Gard products, combined with expert application, ensures vehicles are protected for a full year – as designed. We appreciate the professional referrals, and the inquiries from consumers who have done their research!

Rust is a year-round problem. The time of year you choose to apply Oil Gard rust proofing doesn’t change its effectiveness for protecting your vehicle from rust. Fall is a popular time for vehicle owners to turn to Oil Gard in preparation for the freeze and thaw cycles of winter and all the road salt and sand that come with it – and that’s smart. But, as long as you have Oil Gard applied annually, your vehicle will be protected year round, so spring and summer applications are also a great idea.

Oil Gard products are designed to prevent rust AND to slow down the growth of existing rust. It’s a good idea to spot treat any rust you see with Oil Gard Aerosol until you can see an auto-body specialist.

Our products are designed to displace moisture while penetrating the pores of the metal of your car. They are water-resistant and will not be affected by wet conditions. Ask your Oil Gard Dealer about our Rain Check program!

No! We will be happy to review your warranty coverage with you. We are confident no warranties stipulate that aftermarket rust proofing will void the warranty. In fact, all vehicle manufacturers sell rust-proofing services through their dealerships, and all of them are aftermarket products. It is also good to know that there is no warranty in the marketplace that guarantees vehicles will not rust. The warranties will only provide for the repair of rust damage should it occur.

Proper access to most of the rust prone areas of today’s vehicles has been made easier by the presence of factory openings. However, to ensure complete coverage, your trained Oil Gard technician may need to drill additional access holes. Once the Oil Gard formula is applied through these holes, the technician oils around all openings and inserts caps to seal them. Your local Oil Gard Dealer can answer in detail the application on your specific vehicle. The drilling of holes will not void any existing manufacturers’ warranties.

Oil Gard offers two different rust proofing products. Our most popular is Formula 2 No Drip, because as the name implies, it does not drip. It penetrates metal seams and crevices and creeps at a slow pace. Oil Gard Classic will drip a bit in the first few hours after application, as this formula is designed to penetrate and creep quite quickly. Be assured that both Oil Gard formulas are proven and effective treatments for rust prevention.

A typical Oil Gard application costs about $130.00 with pricing adjustments for the size of a vehicle. This is a small annual investment to protect your vehicle year-round from the ravages of rust. Please ask the Oil Gard Dealer in your area to confirm actual pricing.

Some manufacturers use plastic compounds to make parts such as fenders or hoods. The application of Oil Gard to these parts is not necessary. Your local Dealer will advise you about what components of your vehicle do not need the Oil Gard rust proofing treatment.

Oil Gard Anti-Rust Canada adheres to a strong standard of advertising accuracy and ethics, refusing to make false claims or blanket statements. The company would like to make consumers aware of false statements being made by our competitors in the market place. One false statement by a competing company claims they have the only product that can be applied in any type of weather and in any season. This leads you to believe all other companies’ products are not able to do this. Oil Gard is specifically formulated to be an Any Time/Any Season/Any Weather product. In fact, we support the efficacy of our product and our service in all weather with our Rain Check guarantee. A second bogus claim by a competitor states they are the ONLY product that contains no solvents and is non-toxic. This is not true. Oil Gard’s proven rust prevention formulas also contain no solvents and are WHMIS certified non-toxic. A further advertising claim makes the conclusive statement that since they are non-toxic, they are “environmentally-friendly.” This is a broad claim and we recommend consumers ask specific questions about the product being offered. What all rust-prevention companies should be is environmentally-responsible: using processes to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Beware the false statement: “If it doesn’t drip it doesn’t work.” This claim is made by competitors who use oil-based products that are blends of non-proprietary substances. They are thin and messy and will drip from your vehicle for weeks, leaving spots of greasy residue on your driveway or in your garage. Oil Gard Formula 2 No-Drip is our best selling rust-prevention treatment – applied to thousands of vehicles every year. It creeps into seams and crevices, actually penetrating the pores of metal. At Oil Gard we believe the best rust prevention product is one that stays on your car or truck.
“Oil Gard No-Drip is the best and will not wash off after months of driving. Thank you Oil Gard, you will always have my business.”
Jon S, London ON
“I have an 03 Honda CRV that I purchased used. It had lot of rust underneath it. After Oil Gard No-Drip all the rust was neutralized and the product will not wash off – unlike the competitor. I am very very happy with Oil Gard. “
Jim L, London ON
“Rust proofing through Oil Gard was a great choice! I used the No Drip because I didn’t want my dogs walking through a mess in my drive way. Thanks Oil Gard for solving this problem for me!”
Alicia T, London ON
“Makes my car look great for years!”
Chris B, London ON
“Oil Gard No-Drip was a god-send! It truly works and a few years ago we got proof. Our former 2001 Kia Magentis was recalled because vehicle frames were disintegrating from rust?! But when I took ours in to be inspected it was in perfect condition. The service manager told me it was the rust proofing product we had been using!”
Connie R, London ON
“Great Product, Friendly Staff “
Derek L, London ON
“Best place in london for rust prevention. They do amazing job.”
Mike J, London ON
“I’ve been Oil Garding the bottom of my 2011 Toyota RAV4 every two years because the no-drip product does not wash off or disappear like a competitor’s product. Actually, it’s been 3 years and the product is still there! Bottom of the vehicle looks like new – no rust.”
Electone_Guy, London ON
“Great product,been having vehicles sprayed for over 30 years!”
Dave C, London ON
“Quick! In and out without any issues. Friendly down to earth staff. “
Jim M, London ON