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Oil Gard Trailer Rust-Proofing

Protect Your Cargo & Your Investment

Protect Your Trailer with Formula 2 No-Drip!

Enhanced Rust Protection with Staying Power!

Why Oil Gard your Cargo Trailer, Utility Trailer, Dump Trailer, or Horse Trailer?

  • Most trailers have steel and aluminum components that need serious protection against rust. Oil Gard rust prevention formulas protect your trailer from frame, joint and under-body damage caused by corrosion.
  • Formula 2 is a combination of advanced rust inhibitors and petroleum-based solids. This exclusive treatment is designed to give No-Drip convenience with superior penetration of metal pores, seams, and joints, displacing existing moisture.
  • Applied as a high-pressure fogged coating, Formula 2 rapidly penetrates and quickly forms a stable coating, creating an airtight barrier capable of fighting heat, stress, and reactive condensation breakdown. Its high viscosity means Formula 2 will cling to the metals of your trailer, resisting the effects of wet, snowy, and salty road conditions.
  • Formula 2 No-Drip is best applied on an annual basis for maximum protection. Any time, any season, Formula 2 will protect your trailer for a full year.

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