A Blue Bus Named Kate

Rust-Protected & Adventure Ready

Meet “Kate” –  a 2011 converted school bus that came to Oil Gard London in November 2023 for its first Oil Gard anti-rust treatment. This bus-turned-camper stands out with its bright Tremclad® blue exterior paint, and proud owner Leslie wanted to make sure its exterior, undercarriage and metal joints were protected using Oilgard’s Formula 2 No-Drip. 

Leslie’s future plans involve summer road trip adventures with “Kate”, named after her adventurous grandmother who lived to be 101 years old. Having owned a camper truck and 20-foot trailer in the past, Leslie wanted something simpler and started thinking about converting some kind of delivery vehicle that she could take on summer road trips. “I went to see a place in London [Ontario] that sells used vehicles. I was asked if I ever thought about a bus. There was a 2011 mini school bus there with all the seats in it, the stop sign arm and everything. My imagination started to go wild about what I could do with this vehicle. And I bought it!” Before it was brought home, the mechanical workings of the bus door were disengaged. Leslie had the seats removed and spent the summer of 2023 painting and cleaning up the vehicle’s exterior on her own. “I was worried a bit about working on this at the side of my house – that the neighbours would think this was an old eyesore, but I’ve had nothing but positive reinforcement – even from streets away – people keep walking by to see how ‘Kate’s’ doing.” 

Transformation from the Outside-In

When asked about rust-control and vehicle maintenance Leslie says, “It’s important. I won’t be using it in the winter but if you want to keep a vehicle for a long time you have to make sure it’s well looked after. Because I’m so bonded with Kate, she’s got to live a long life like my grandmother did.” (Oil Gard isn’t just a rust prevention treatment, it’s an investment in your vehicle’s future!)

“I can say when I drove the bus away from Oil Gard the day I had it done, I felt like it was a brand new vehicle. It just seemed to float down the road. It was originally very dry underneath and I said to someone there, ‘give it a really, really good soak’ and they did. They were very quick and professional. Driving away I could really feel a difference from its dry, stale-state, to having oil in its joints!”

Leslie has plans to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and take her own grandchildren on road trips, so maintenance and safety is key. Rust affects much more than a vehicle’s appearance: it can shorten a vehicle’s life, cause mechanical and electrical parts to fail and reduce vehicle safety. (Source: The Benefits of Rust Prevention, CAA blog).  At Oil Gard, the specialized formulas in Formula 2 No Drip and Classic protect your vehicle – whether it’s brand new, or gently used. 

Enhanced Rust Protection with Staying Power

Oilgard’s Formula 2 No-Drip is best applied on an annual basis for maximum protection. Any time, any season, Oilgard’s Formula 2 will protect your vehicle for a full year. 

  • No-Drip convenience with superior penetration of metal pores, seams, and joints, displacing existing moisture.
  • Applied as a high-pressure fogged coating, Formula 2 rapidly penetrates and quickly forms a stable coating, creating an airtight barrier capable of fighting heat, stress, and reactive condensation breakdown.

Staying power is important! This is what makes Oil Gard Anti-Rust unique.  Oil Gard receives many referrals from automotive shops, mechanics, and auto-body shops. They see Oil Gard Formula 2 No-Drip, or Oil Gard Classic products on their clients’ vehicles and are impressed by the staying power – despite Ontario’s mix of harsh weather and messy winter road conditions.

Leslie has plans to revamp the vehicle’s interior to include a bathroom and kitchen before hitting the road. Plans also include the addition of an artist’s mural on the exterior sides of the bus by Leslie’s friend who is an artist. The finishing touch will be a photo of Leslie’s grandmother, Kate, on display. One of the goals is traveling with a friend to Lake Superior to kayak. “This was something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve never done anything like this before. I raised kids, worked and then when I retired – Well, this came into my lap (the idea of the bus) and I was just thrilled to bits I was going to do this…I know when I get this finished my grandkids are going to be fighting over whose turn it is!”

Best of luck on your road trip adventures Leslie and thank you for the inspiration!